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We are PIONEER in executing events,We undertake all kinds of corporate events which vary according to the clients preference or what a client wants to derive out of the event. Sound, lights, stage and set, audio visuals, music and entertainment, engagement activities, conference team building activities, catering, gifts and any other necessity you may wish to have can be organized with ease.

We arrange corporate events in the following areas :

Seminars Planning & Management (11)

A seminar may be defined as a gathering of people for the purpose of discussing a stated topic. Such gatherings are usually interactive sessions where the participants engage in discussions about the delineated topic. For a successful seminar. planning, execution and management is very important in which leader is unbeatable we can ensure you that your event is held perfectly.


There are as many types of conferences. Here are some types of conferences which we organise

  • Academic conferences These can be held for two main reasons. University scientists hold them to announce research results. There is also a “call for papers” where newly published information is presented to a group.
  • Business conferences These can be several types.
    • Annual meetings. Many companies hold this type of meeting for shareholders to announce the company’s accomplishments of the past year and to highlight the future.

Leader can organise this type of conference in the best way and we ensure you that your event is held perfectly. (11) (13) (12) (14)

Product / Brand Launches (14) (13) (12) (11)

Product / Brand launch events are essential to the existence of businesses, but are critical to a startups. Product / Brand launches are designed to achieve the specific purpose of creating awareness and publicity for a particular product / brand. Success can determine the fate of the product / brand, as a launch will be directly responsible for the level of immediate and post-launch sales that is generated. A product / brand launch is meant to generate a lot of buzz about the product / brand. The ultimate aim is to build sales momentum. This is the reason why product / brand launch should be successful, we can take care of each and every part of your product / brand launch by ensuring it comes together perfectly.

Awards Ceremonies

Award Ceremonies are an important type of events when you consider that we live in a society that loves to honor people for their achievements. Companies, organizations and other groups love to honor their own. These ceremonies are coordinated by in-hour meeting or marketing professionals or outside companies. The components of putting together an awards ceremony is Planning of Award Ceremonies. leader has professionals who have planed plenty of events like this so we can ensure your event is held perfectly. (12) (3) (22) (1)

Client Meets (1)

Client meetings are an essential part of your business as an independent professional. While some independents view client meetings as a motivating event that provides an opportunity to brainstorm, collaborate, and make progress. Based on the meeting you will be getting opportunity to do a business with the client, hence we want you to concentrate on the client and we will make sure that your meeting goes well with your client.

Exhibition & Product Showcase

If you’re looking to boost your return on investment, product displays and exhibitions can help. The functionality of the units themselves and the way products are displayed on them have a significant influence over sales. Here are three main reasons why displays are so important in any retail environment.

  • Customer Engagement
  • Consistent Branding
  • Product Placement

we can take care of each and every part of your product showcase/ exhibitions by ensuring it comes together perfectly. (2) (1) (3)

Promotional Campaigns (1) (2)

A promotional plan is a valuable marketing tool when it comes to launching a new service or product or expanding your market reach into new verticals or demographics. When planning a promotional campaign, keep in mind that a successful campaign achieves all of the following desired outcomes and goals.

  • Your promotional message reaches your intended and targeted audience.
  • Your audience understands your message.
  • Your message stimulates the recipients, and they take action.

worry not we will take care of all this stuff and make sure that your promotional Campaign goes well.